A collection of my German-to-English translations

Fascism in the UK: From Satanic Paedophile Cults to Baking Competitions

Antisemitism online: Why doesn’t anyone stop Attila Hildmann?

Berlin-Neukölln: Neo-Nazis Behind Series of Attacks Still Roaming Free

Antifeminism: How the Incel Community Is Becoming More Radical

Nazis in Germany and Switzerland: Junge Tat and Junge Revolution

Storming of the Capitol: The German “New Right” Reacts

Storming of the Capitol: How is Germany’s Conspiracy Scene Reacting?

Feuerkrieg Division: Verdict in Trial Against Fabian D. („Heydrich“) in Nuremberg

Feuerkrieg Division Trial: Weapons and Radicalisation of Alleged FKD-Member in Bavaria

Feuerkrieg Division: Trial Against Alleged Member of Feuerkrieg Division Begins in Nuremberg

Interview with Veronika Kracher: “Incels are the tip of the patriarchal iceberg”

QAnon Creates QAmoms: Parents Baited Through “Save the Children” Conspiracy

Far-Right Terrorism: What is the “Feuerkrieg Division”?

Police Raids in Hesse: New Far-Right Group “NSC 131” Active in Germany

“Corona Denier” Demos: How the Conspiracy Ideology “QAnon” and the Far-Right “Reichsbürger” Ideologies Are Connected

Far-Right Symbols: The Reich Flag

Commentary on “Anti-Corona” Demos in Berlin: A Murderous Ideology Lurks Just Beneath the Surface

Social Media: The Conspiracy Empire of Oliver Janich

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